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FBS Exercise App

FBS Exercise App

This brand new FBS application (mobile and tablet) contains tons of high quality exercise videos based on the Frans Bosch Systems philosophy. The app is designed and developed for both fitness professionals (personal trainers and health professionals) and sport professionals, such as (S&C) coaches and therapists. The app can be used as a source for practical applications of modern ideas of motor control and motor learning.

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What makes the FBS Exercise App unique?

Organise the chaos

View exercises on different levels of self-organisation: from individual muscles, to local attractors, global attractors, total movement patterns and finally phase transitions and conflicts.

The FBS Exercise App uses the building block approach to help coaches design effective training programs.

"What happens in the gym stays in the gym"

An integrative approach of both field and gym based exercises is important when bridging the gap between training and competition. 

With the FBS Exercise App, you can toggle 'gym-based' or 'field-based' to explore hundreds of exercises to suit your coaching logistics.

Integrate the field & gym

Give better cues & feedback

We've all been caught over-coaching before, whether it's trying to explain a "perfect technique"  or overloading the athlete with too much feedback, too soon.

The FBS Exercise App uses motor learning principles to provide coaches with the intentions, end points, clear KR (Knowledge of Result) and coaching cues for each exercise.

Identifying the errors in movement is one thing... programming appropriate training interventions is another.

With the FBS Exercise App, coaches can search and save the exercises they need for each athlete. Detailed descriptions and training outcomes are provided for each exercise, making the FBS Exercise App the ultimate training tool for innovative coaches.

Program with precision

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Upcoming Features

Create custom training programs

Add reps, sets, take notes and more.

Extensive batch of running drills

Hundreds of Frans' original running drills, recovered and enhanced.

Share training programs

with your athletes/ clients

Your athletes/clients can access their prescribed program through the FBS App.



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